What’s My Name, Bitch?

So, um… yeah. I freaking love food. I also have several medical issues, including PCOS, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. Both of my parents were diabetic. As a result, I try to eat as simply as possible, using “real” foods. Basically, if you can make it, raise it, or grow it yourself, it’s a part of my diet. I try to cut back on grains as much as possible, as with the PCOS, insulin resistance is a large part of it and the grains play havoc with my glucose levels. So from me, you’ll likely find more lower carb, grain-free foods with a focus on fresh, natural ingredients. (That’s not to say that I’m above making a killer honeyed sweet potato cheesecake every now and then.) I’m also a grad student, so meal planning is a big part of my life. I’ve lost a little over 60 lb. in the past two years by eating this way. I still have about the same amount to go before I reach my goal weight, but through it all, my main objective is to eat healthfully and to be healthy. I definitely feel better and my symptoms are lessened when I do. Welcome to our world. It’s pretty batshit in here.


Kitchen Bitch


While I so admire the nobility of Kitchen Bitch’s culinary perspective, aside from when bullied into eating healthy, I prefer junk food. And if something appears too healthy for me to comfortably ingest, I reach into the fridge for the ever-present jar of bacon grease and add it to whatever I’m cooking. Also, I’m poor. Like, next post I might be cooking over a barrel fire in a shanty town near the train tracks kinda poor. From me, you’re gonna get ghetto gourmet, recipes that can stretch for days on end, simple ways to can & freeze tasty treats and plenty of alcohol-induced experiments that never should have been (like the tuna salad I made with leftover gazpacho – sober me was extremely displeased with the results of that potion). My main objective is to create the ultimate Kitchen Witch potion that will cause any man who eats it to immediately propose & whisk me off to his castle. Or double-wide. I’m not overly choosy.

Kisses and cocktails,

~Kitchen Witch~



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