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Meal Plan Monday: 03.23.15 – 03.29.15

I’m not going to lie about it. I dropped the ball. I got into the final week of the semester for grad school and lost my shit. So many gluten free corn dogs and Udi’s uncured pepperoni pizzas were had. Let’s just not talk about that week. So… I didn’t make a meal plan last week even for myself. I didn’t even try, because I know how crazy that last week of school gets. But! The semester is over and I have three glorious weeks of break to do whatever I want to in. And what I want to do is get my ass back on track. So here’s this week’s meal plan. Just for you. Yes, you. But not for that guy over there. He fucking sucks.


  • NO EGGS. I’m sick of that shit. (I’ll probably be back in love with eggs next week. Let’s not kid our fucking selves…)
  • Oatmeal with blueberries and honey
  • Yogurt with strawberries
  • Leftovers from dinner the night before


  • Deli meat & dill pickle rollups with spinach salad
  • Caulimash
  • Buffalo cauliflower
  • Broiled cod, broccoli, and half a cup of brown rice
  • Leftovers from dinner the night before


  • Green apples with nut butter
  • Yogurt with strawberries and blueberries
  • Dill pickle
  • A serving of pepperoni or a couple slices of deli meat
  • Rainbow sherbet


  • Monday
    • Braised oxtails and greens
  • Tuesday
    • Egg Roll Bowl
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
    • Chicken tenders and sweet potato fries
      • The chicken tenders will be crusted with almond flour and pan fried in coconut oil and I plan on using Cookie + Kate’s recipe for the first time for the baked sweet potato fries.
  • Friday
    • Bacon wrapped pork chop asparagus rolls
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • Leftovers

Grocery List:

  • Orange Juice
  • Salami
  • Pepperoni
  • Applegate smoked turkey slices
  • Hamburger rolls
  • Milk
  • Greens
  • 2 packages of low sodium bacon
  • Bottle of red wine

Impulse buys:

  • 20 oz. bottle of Sunkist for me & a 20 oz. bottle of Mountain Dew for Chuck

We spent $46.93.


Kitchen Bitch

P.S. – This Friday, we’re beginning our monthly guest posts. The kick-off will start with Amanda, my college friend who originally convinced me to do the 21 Day Sugar Detox with her. You can find her, her hilarious moments with her daughter, and her AMAZING food pics on Twitter & Instagram.


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