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Butter Yo Self

Not every spell I construct has a durned thing to do with my neck-tatted, Murican-flag manties-wearing Prince Charming. Some spells just come about because I’m bored, handler-LESS, tipsy and have things about to spoil on me. 

Enter, Monday.

I had some cream about to expire and less than zero interest in making cream of anything soup. What to do, what to do? Inspiration struck & project Butter Yo Self was born.

What amazed me was how easy it was to make butter. I’m no pioneer woman and there was nary a butter churn in sight. Know what was in sight? The world’s tiniest food processor. And thus began my champers-induced science project. 

I can’t even call this a recipe as it has one ingredient. Literally. Take whatever amount of cream has given up hope of being a part of cream of mushroom soup and pour it into your food processor. Run said food processor until the cream is recognizable as butter. Took me about 5 minutes. 

At the recognizably butter stage, some cheesecloth would be ideal to strain the butter from the buttermilk. Alas, I was bored, handlerLESS & tipsy and had no cheesecloth, nor means to obtain. I used a fine-mesh strainer & it worked well enough.

After mashing all the buttermilk out of the butter, the butter went back into the food processor with some ice-cold water. A quick 30-60 seconds in the cuisinart & all ya need to do is strain the liquid off (prayed to the cheesecloth fairy once again). 

What does this 10 minutes of effort yield ya? This:

I wasn’t sure what to do with the buttermilk, but remembered I had some orange roughie in the freezer. Pulled it down & made some buttermilk fried fish. 

I grabbed whatever spices I had around and marinated the fish for a couple hours. Of course, nothing in my kitchen is simple, so I discovered I had no breadcrumbs. Screeeeeeeeeeech!!

I am not one to let minor glitches get me down. Found a bag of cheese-garlic croutons & ground those babies down. Wise choice. Made for a flavorful and super-crunchy breading for the fish.

Then, I cooked and ate the catch of the day and took a well-deserved nap. Kitchcraft is hard work, y’all!!


Kisses & cocktails my little witchlets,

~eLLe (KW) 


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